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Debbie of Fremantle Ocean Canvas, also once a team member of Osen moved to Western Australia to seek sunnier climes and last year set up her own canvas loft which is proving to be very successful. As ever, we enjoy to share our knowledge of different climatic requirements to help you our customers.


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All the covers supplied by Ocean-Canvas UK are individually made to order by Sarah and Heather. Sarah has spent the last 14 years running a successful sailmaking business with her husband and was instrumental in the development of its then cover making side of Osen Sails Ltd. The sail side of the business has recently been bought out by another loft and Sarah has taken the opportunity to take her covermaking skills and team on a new (ad)venture! Heather has spent the past 7 years working for the Rat Island sail loft in the Scilly Isles repairing and making new sails, covers and accessories. The combined wealth of experience they have, attention to detail and refusal to compromise on quality provides the philosophy for a fantastic range of yachting products.


Ocean Canvas UK :: About Us


Ocean-Canvas UK specializes in producing high quality custom made covers and accessories for yachts and marine craft. Using the best materials available to the marine industry all the covers are custom made and tailored to your individual requirements.
The product pages show a sample of the range of covers made by Ocean-Canvas UK, if you can't see what you're after, or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us with the details below.

Tel: 01752 609500
Mob: 07971 108571

Unit B, 3, Richmond Walk,Plymouth, Devon PL1 4LL


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